Which Tea Are You?

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There’s nothing more cozy or aesthetic than having a hot cup of tea while you’re writing. What tea you choose to brew also can reveal a lot about your personal writing style! I couldn’t resist doing a fun post like this because a) why not and b) it’s fun to see how we’re all different in how we approach writing. Everyone of us will end up with a finished book, but how we get there is always different.

Choose your favourite tea to reveal your deepest, innermost writing habits — including the parts you wished no one would ever see.

Black Tea

You’re focused, calculated and methodical in your writing and planning. You maybe wouldn’t think that about yourself, but when you share notes with your fellow writers, you definitely notice your pre-planning stands out from the rest. You have a detailed plan when you sit down to write and are quite strict with yourself over your writing practice. You like to hit a certain word count every day, make progress constantly and have a goal in mind that you achieve.

Your mantra is: I put in the effort to get it done on time.

Milk Tea

You have a sweet demeanour, and approach your writing with a sense of whimsy and wonder. You prefer to work through your project at your own pace, often taking many breaks to make sure you don’t lose your magic touch. You may have a plan, but at the end of the day, you would deviate from the plan if you felt this new direction would lead to a more inspired story.

Your mantra is: I’ll get it done in my own time.

Black Chai

You have fresh ideas and lots of innovation. Your writing practice consists of a detailed plan in your head, which you then quickly spill out onto paper before getting into your writing practice. You’re the kind of person that other writers consider intense. You hurdle towards your writing goals, miles at a time, while remaining grounded in what story you’re telling and why. You can easily hit a daily word count and can have a whole draft done in no time at all. Your writing is peppered with interested adages and anecdotes.

Your mantra is: I won’t hold back on my creative ideas.

Chai Latte

You’re sweet and delicate, with a hint of passion and determination. Other writers may look over at you, thinking you’re just cruising through your draft, without them ever knowing you’re stuck on a character transformation or plot point. The thing is, you’re not really bothered by it either, because you have the creativity and ingenuity to find a solution. Your writing is characterised by being very imaginative and creative, but practical, while filling your reader with an appreciation for the subtle joys of life. Your writing is like honey — sweet, delicate and somewhat magical.

Your mantra is: I’ll show you the sweetness of life.


You’re particularly zen, and on some level you know it. You’re the writer at the back of the library, crafting your story piece by piece, knowing that it’s all unravelling as it’s meant to. You choose calming environments to write in, like your quiet local library, or at home overlooking your lush garden. You definitely need fresh air and stillness to do your best work. Feeling quietly confident, you stay calm and focused on the project at hand, knowing that you will get it done and it will be superb.

Your mantra is: It will be done when it’s done, and I’m the driving force behind its completion.

Green Sencha

You’re calm and airy when writing, and it shows in your perfectly serene descriptions. Your writing process follows an ebb and flow that you know you have little control over. It’s better just to go with the flow of your creative urges. Your work is underlined by a calm focus on the task at hand, but also recognising when and how you work best. You might choose to work for half an hour each morning, not being too harsh with yourself for not reaching your word count goal. When it’s all said and done, you know your writing project will be finished when it’s ready to be.

Your mantra is: I follow the flow of my creativity.

Green Jasmine

You’re the perfect blend of focus and inspiration. You have a refreshing clarity on your creative projects, often willing to go the extra mile for your writing. You’re the one experimenting with different angles for your story, different ways of framing the same situation. You prefer to breathe new life into an overdone story, or simply into your creative process. You may lapse in getting a project done everyday, but your spontaneity in your writing practice means that you often end up writing inspired paragraphs more frequently than others.

Your mantra is: I breathe freshness into my writing.


You’re grounded in yourself and who you are as a writer. You may not have it all figured out, but you know that you have the answers within. You’re strong with your writing, but not rigid. You plan your stories by tuning into what the story requires of you, then setting out to match that feeling as best as possible. You’re more open to plot twists, new directions and improvement of your story, even if it goes against what you previously thought your story would be. It’s all about creating a story that feels right to you because you’re so settled in your own abilities.

Your mantra is: I believe in what my story is destined to be.

Adding a splash of Nut Mylk

Unconventional doesn’t begin to cover your writing style. No matter what tea you prefer, you add an extra layer of uniqueness to your writing process. You’re willing to adopt unconventional ideas and unpopular opinions just to see what they’re like. You live by your own standards, nobody else’s, and don’t really care if anyone has a problem with that.

Let me know below which tea is your favourite, and whether this revealed the very entrails of your writer’s soul.